About EBS Children's Institute

Changing the Face of Therapy and Special Education.

EBS Children’s Institute is the research division of Educational Based Services (EBS). Founded more than 30 years ago, EBS opened its doors with a simple concept: empower pediatric therapists to become the best in their fields with the latest innovations in research, training, and treatment. Today EBS is the leading school-based consulting, management, and training practice, and the global leader in providing pediatric therapy and special education services for families, schools, and communities around the world. Through groundbreaking research, continuing education programs, and partnerships with top universities and experts, EBS delivers new and innovative methodologies and treatments that advance the field. As a result, EBS delivers the highest-quality services to more than 2.1 million children each year.

At EBS Children’s Institute, our mission is to change lives by continually advancing the field of Special Education. Through our state-of-the-art centers, located nationwide, we partner with top universities and researchers to bridge the gap between research and practice. As a result, therapists and special educators remain on the cutting edge of their fields, and children and families gain access to life-changing therapies in their homes, schools, and in private clinics.